The American Gospel Quartet Convention Presents. . .

The Sun Is Shining Above The Clouds

1.    Spiritual Fight  - 4:45 (Selvys)

2.    It's Good - 6:20 (Rose Marie Cameron)

3.    There Goes Another Blessing - 4:55 (Pastor Renita Allen Dixon)

4.    In The Name Of Jesus - 4:26 (Faithway Doves)

5.    Somebody's Gonna Get Set Free - 5:36 (Rose Marie Cameron/Troy J. Jackson)

6.    Grace To Suit My Case - 6:17 (Selvys)

7.    The Sun Is Shining Above The Clouds - 6:13 (AGQC All-Stars)

8.    Shake A Blessin' Down - 5:57 (Rose Marie Cameron)

9.    Can God? - 4:43 (Faithway Doves)

10.  Another Second Chance - 6:14 (Mike Alston)

11.  Fire Burning - 5:02 (Marcus Newsome)

12.  Prayer (Katrina Survivors) (Elder George W. Stewart)

13.  Prayer (War) (Elder George W. Stewart)

14.  Prayer (Relationships) (Elder George W. Stewart)

15.  Prayer (Prisoners) (Elder George W. Stewart)

16.  Prayer (Leaders) (Elder George W. Stewart)

17.  Prayer (Children) (Elder George W. Stewart)

18.  Prayer (Salvation & Restoration) (Elder George W. Stewart)


CD - $16.95


On August 29, 2005, the world was again reminded of man’s dependency on the protection that can only be provided by God.  On this day, hurricane Katrina, after having attacked the southern portion of Florida, hit the coast of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana and cause loss of life and property damage like no other hurricane in American history


The American Gospel Quartet Convention recognizes the hurt, fear and devastation that so many have experienced, This song, “The Sun Is Shining Above The Clouds,” is our word of encouragement to all of the Hurricane Katrina survivors.  Psalms 46:1 assures us that God is our Refuge and He is a very present help in our times of trouble.  Simply put, no matter what you are going through, just remember it is well. 

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